2015 Rescues






2015 Rescues

Toby & JT & UNO – are currently in rehab , the studs need gelded and up dated and trained(Annie is working on) Uno is in rehab for her hock/leg and needs completely updated . Please let us know if you can Help or sponsor Them.

Uno – came back to us with a messed up hock injury needs rehab on the hock and completely updated. please sponsor her

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jt In rehab
Toby in rehab
sky -rehomed
Appendix mare- Rehomed
Old Lady – Rehomed
Chester-part of our pony party crew now
Mook – Part of our pony party crew and Trentins(my son) new pony
Mooks face will need surgery
Booger- Rehomed

2014 Rescues —pics coming soon












Angel just came back and is in bad shape also may be in foal , she could use help with vet bill,hay and her supplements please even just $10 helps her …(it gets harder and harder for me to find these horses good homes 🙁  things just take a turn for bad and the horses take the fall, I guess thats why i have so many but i cant help other horses inless others step up to help )

SAVANNA 5YR BELGUIM X MARE — 9/5/11-  11/28/2012 savannah is doing great up for adoption now

We need to raise money or paid care for Savanna she needs, farrier,vet and dentist care right off the back , she will get dewormed ($12.99 equimax) hay roll $40(will last 2weeks for 1 horse) her feed will be 10/10 sweet ($15.50)per bag 1 horse goes threw 1 bag a week but due two her breed n how under weight she will get worked up to 2bags a week.. she also will get beet-pulp($16.99) and alfalfa pellets ($17.99).  SO PLEASE DONATE TO HELP SAVANNA OR ONE OF THE OTHER RESCUES!!!!  THANK YOU

Sanna and I 9/5/11 bad shape very under weight !
Savnna right side
Savnna’s right hoof

ECLIPSO – is a 6yr TB mare in need of our help , she was adopted out 10/22/10 and came back 4/27/11 in horrible condition , she is very under weight, has had no vet , farrier or dental care since she left my place in Oct..2010. The sad part was due to not being feed well or at all she foal 4/26/11  and the foal did not make it  and waited til the next day to call me, They lied and said she was ok and doing good when i checked on her , even the city’s animal control was involved and they let them keep her and never informed me.. she was actually in worst shape a couple months ago’

eclipso right front hoof
The plate the farrier made to hold her hoof together yes its screwed in , her bone is exposed , she got 50/50 chance at life now, this is really sad, ECLIPSO needs help , its getting expensive  for her diet and supplements and , meds .. please donate to help her or the others.. any amount will help!!
front viewfrom the rear view
ate up with a rain rot

just a $5 donation will help get her well and caught up again  she also has a bad infection in her uterus.. please help her..

5/15/11- still soaking hoofs twice a day , not looking better yet , she has to stay stalled not liking that  one bit .. her feed is $18 a bag + beet pulp+ bran+red cell+rice bran oil+biotin+alfalfa and coastal very expensive to get her on the right track again, also have to up date her with vet and dentist been hoping donations would come in by now, If I  don’t get a little help here  her alternative is death and the farrier nor I are ready to give up on her when she is soo full of life and she is only 6yr..


UPDATE — 7/10/11   ECLIPSO- Is still under weight , I was worried I was gonna have to put her down due to her hoofs , but her hoofs have  made a 200% recovery she is battling rain rot still (treated daily) started light training  july 1st to help build muscle, to help be a better horse to help her chances to be adopted out when recoved fully..This mare is soo full of life and very sweet ,  please help her have a successful life ..


eclipso new hoofs and she is sound noweclipso showing some love to a guest , the little boy was scared and she wanted to show him it was ok
eclipso kissing on my little girl “dalila”

8/24/2011–  ECLIPSO is doing very well gaining weight very slowly but definitely gaining still very sweet and lovable, if I can find her the right person I will let her go out for adoption but in no rush.. she still has a long road ahead of her.. her hoofs look amazing.. training is going well not enough weight on her for me to start riding her yet .. she is in need of an angel so please if you donate to her see my site to donate.. eclipso is only 1 out 12 rescue horses.. any bit helps /..  Thank you

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