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It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, ride English or Western, are a beginner or a professional. Everyone can learn to enjoy riding horses.  Annie Martin is an experienced horse trainer and has worked with training thoroughbreds on the racetrack – then off the race track with rescued horses, dressage,jumping,barrels,color guard,poles/rodeo games,trail,all disciplines .  She is in tune with all horses and works with both the horse and the rider to create a truly companionable horse/human relationship.

Fire And Ice Farm is located in Fort White Florida near Gainesville and is a horse rescue and retraining facility.  All lesson fees, training fees, pony rides go to supporting the retraining of these magnificent horses.


About Annie’s rescues:

Many of the horses that come to Fire and Ice horse farm are malnourished, which is what comes to mind with “rescue”. However, helping underfed and neglected horses is only a small part of what Fire & Ice horse farm does. Malnourished and starving horses receive proper nutrition and care to bring them back a healthy state. Then the real work begins.

Almost every horse requires training or retraining. For those of you familiar with dog rescue, one of the main reasons that dogs are relinquished or abandoned is for behavioral issues. In other words, lack of training. The same is true in horses, only more so. When many people have a 1000 pound animal that they cannot control, they get rid of it or let it sit out in a field. Because the horse is not trained, it is not useful or enjoyable for the owner. These horses get passed around from owner to owner, ending up neglected or worse. Training is a central part of the rehabilitation for horses that come to Fire & Ice horse farm. All have been mishandled, physically abused, or in many cases, have never received any training whatsoever.

To schedule an appointment with Annie, please telephone her at 386-623-7411 or email at  fireandicehorsefarm@yahoo.com Donate Now so we may help even more horses:

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