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Fire & Ice Horse Rescue & Rehab is a nonprofit Organization(on the way to be a 501c3) that strives to improve Neglected, Starved, and Abused Horses Lives. We provide Equine Rescue regardless of Breed ,gender or disability. We provide Rehabilitation, Education, and Adoption Services. We promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training for horses. All Adoption Fee’s are put back into our rescue program in order to support future horses that need assistance. Once adoption fee has been set, we will not take less than the offered price. We typically invest far more than what we can adopt such horse/s for and do not have room to barter on adoption fee’s. Remember, you are helping rescued horses.

Adoption fees are based upon the amount of treatment and care that went into each horse. Fee’s are also based upon the horses age, temperament, Registration and whether or not the horse is trained to ride. All adoption fee’s are due and must be paid, when adopter is approved and has agreed to adopt said horse/s. Please keep in mind that when you are adopting a rescue horse that you should plan to make this a life long companion. Typically horses that are treated appropriately can live to be 35 years of age and older. We want to find each Rescued Horse a Loving, Forever Home.

Thank you for your interest in our Rescue and Adoption Program. Please fill out the attached paperwork and return it back to us as soon as possible. All Adoptions are based on a first come, first served basis, depending on all requirements being met. Upon completion of your Application and Contract, we will contact you to inform you whether or not your application was approved to adopt along with a list of available horses. Your application will remain on file with us until you have chosen a horse to adopt. We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting a future adopter.



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