“Annie Martin”

So what sets me aside from other “Trainers”?
I work with each person or Horse Individually to your/their Needs .
I will train to your needs , disability’s , fears(build your confidence). same applies to the horse
I have Trained numerous horses/Humans though my life , I have competed/Rode just about every discipline. I have trained wild mustangs unhandled back yard pets. to high dollar show horses. brought off track Thoroughbreds to successful show/Performance horses .
I am open to learning from my clients horse or human , I pay attention .
I have several references from clients some respectable business clients as well and love to tell you their experience.
I run a rescue now so I am really use to dealing with all kinds or horses and their issues, I am just trying to help if I can , with that being said , as much as I may need money I am not money hungry If I cant help I will tell you so and pass you on to someone who can , I will tell you if its a waste of money not just take your hard earn cash , I want you happy , I want you to see results , If I cant do those things Then I dont want you to waste your time/money .
I do take Training serious , Im not a sugar coater im straight up . Im not good at talking the talk , I guess you can say I walk the walk. lol
My rates depend on distance , and If im bringing one of my horses to you etc.. yes I do bring my horses to you if need be , (for different reason I do this) , my horses are well trained and up to date . use to being different places , in fact all my kids horses travel every sat to do pony rides somewhere (we do pony rides to raise funds for our rescue )
I believe and many others will agree im at-least worth a try.
call–text-email friendly 386-623-7411  0r
Starts with Education !



All ages– western or English — All Equine breeds

$30 my place

$50 your place (Additional fees may apply , distance or Dangerous horses)


$50 A day

$150 A week(5days) Boot Camp $200(7 straight days)

$500 A month my farm We supply hay/grass you supple grain/supplements


$50 PER Person

Beachrides $150 per person


We have a livestock trailer . we can haul your horse or other Livestock animals

usually $50 minimum(with in 20miles ) $2 each mile after .

Sheath Cleaning – $30 per horse (plus fuel cost )   No drugs used!


I can do some leather repairs , stamping (trophy tack)  , dying ,bling,Rivets,custom work


PONY RIDES- Usually a $5o Deposit to book your personal events day/time. We also do business events , in business since 2009 with trained ponies/horses. see our page or pony rides/party’s




I fill 50lb feed bags full of our rescued horses manure, bags weigh usually more then 50lbs

We do deliver for gas $$$



I am 36yrs old and have been around horses my whole life; I know what to do in almost any situation. I can doctor wounds, give shots (IM and IV), and I don’t panic in bad situations; I remain calm and promptly handle the problem.

I will arrange a meeting with you before you leave. While caring for your farm, I will take notes on each animal and their care.

Prior to farm sitting, I require a list of numbers including your vet, farrier, and emergency contact (preferably someone who may know the animals in case you can not be reached in an emergency).

RATES — Depend on length of trip, distance I must travel each day, and the frequency of visits. During our initial meeting or when you contact me for an estimate, please provide me with your travel time (how long will you be away?), your location, and how frequently you would like me to visit your farm.

Please keep in mind, my zip code is 32038 (Ft. White) and I do charge a minimum of $50 per day


                                                  ” Best way to reach us is call or text”

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