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May 27 , 2017


So sorry I haven’t update in awhile so much has been going on.

we have new Rescues ,some for adoption  , working on new improvements , trying to build  a better Rescue .

Annie is just swamped!  We will try to update often now so please follow us and check in .

Love you all



6/19/2015- Baby “Uno” came home now a 4yr , She is in Rehab with a injured hock, She kicked through  Barb wire. she will need extensive rehab to get her sound again , Things she could use :

Hock wrap( a pair or right one) Joint supplements , Magic Leg , zinc diaper cream)

We will be working/Treating the injury daily (yes seen by vet twice) also will be taking her swimming  when we can

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May 2015- We took in 2 Studs , They need completely updated and gelded , They are unhandled and in Training , Their cost, Coggins each $35-$38 (depends which vet comes out) shots $175/$200. Teeth $75/$175 ,Farrier $40, Gelding $200/$300  remember price for each of them, you can donate directly to vet.

Toby – Stud – Grade QH
JT-stud – QHXPony- 13hands-3yr

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