Uno’s Story

Uno is very Special to us , Born On Fire & Ice’s original Farm , First Baby born on the farm, First foal from her daddy (now deceased¬† “Holigreasedlightin” was a registered APHA) As far as we know First foal and only foal from mom (Register TB “Starlett).

We decided due to our busy schedule to adopt uno out at age 3 , It was a hard choice but needed to be done , well Oct 2014 Uno kicked through a barb wire fence and got tingled up pretty badly , I was called ,right away to come out , we loaded her up and took to Dr,John he did what he could for the injury , she has extensive wounds and long road of healing .

June 19 2015 – Uno(4yr old now) came back home for Rehabbing , Lots of scar tissue and still has wounds , we will get her on supplements , exercise, wrap her hock & Treat , and go to swim therapy.

If you would like to sponsor her please let us know

Need hock boots/wraps

Joint supplemenst




The day it happen
few weeks later
At Dr.johns 1st visit

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